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Listed below are select articles available to read in PDF format. For a complete list of publications, please visit the cv.

I. Affective Politics

Homonationalism as Assemblage: Viral Travels, Affective Sexualities (2013)

Precarity Talk: A Virtual Roundtable with Judith Butler, Lauren Berlant, Bojana Cvejić, Isabell Lorey, Jasbir Puar, and Ana Vujanović (2012)

Viral (2012)

I Would Rather Be A Cyborg Than a Goddess’: Becoming-Intersectional of Assemblage Theory (2012)

The Cost of Getting Better: Suicide, Sensation, Switchpoints (2011)

Interspecies: An Introduction (2011)

Ecologies of Sex, Sensation, and Slow Death (2010)

In the Wake of It Gets Better (2010)

Affect (2009)

Prognosis Time: Towards a Geopolitics of Affect, Debility, and Capacity (2009)


II. Homonationalism and Israel/Palestine

Substantive Erasures: Essays on Academic Boycott and the American Studies Association (2013)

Rethinking Homonationalism (2013)

Pinkwatching and Pinkwashing: Interpenetration and its Discontents (2012)

The Golden Handcuffs of Gay Rights: How Pinkwashing Distorts both LGBTIQ and Anti-Occupation Organizing (2012)

Citation and Censorship: The Politics of Talking about the Sexual Politics of Israel (2011)

’The Center Cannot Hold’: The Flourishing of Queer Anti-Occupation Activism (2011)

Israel’s Gay Propaganda War (2010)

To be gay and racist is no anomaly (2010)


III. Terrorist Assemblages

Celebrating Refusal: The Complexities of Saying No (2010)

‘The Turban is Not A Hat’: Queer Diaspora and Practices of Profiling (2008)

Mapping U.S. Homonormativities (2006)

Queer Times, Queer Assemblages (2005)

On Torture: Abu Ghraib (2005)

The Remaking of a Model Minority: Perverse Projectiles under the Spectre of (Counter)Terrorism (2004)

Abu Ghraib: Arguing Against Exceptionalism (2004)

Monster, Terrorist, Fag: The War on Terrorism and the Production of Docile Patriots (2002)


IV. Queer Geography and Tourism

X-Apartments Beirut: Moving Through the Colonial Architecture of Culture Tourism (2013)

Transversal Circuits: Transnational Sexualities and Trinidad (2004)

Sexuality and Space: Queering Geographies of Globalization (2003)

Circuits of Queer Mobility: Tourism, Travel, and Globalization (2002)

A Transnational Feminist Critique of Queer Tourism (2002)

Feminist Problematization of Rights Language and Universal Conceptualizations of Human Rights (2002)

Introduction: Queer Tourism: Geographies of Globalization (2002)

Transnational Configurations of Desire: The Nation and its White Closets (2001)


V. South Asian Cultural Studies

Chutney to Queer and Back: Trinidad 1995-1998 (2009)

Global Circuits: Transnational Sexualities and Trinidad (2001)

Transnational Sexualities: South Asian Trans/Nationalisms and Queer Diasporas (1998)

Writing My Way ‘Home’: Traveling South Asian Bodies and Diasporic Journeys (1994)

Resituating Discourses of ‘Whiteness’ and ‘Asianness’ in Northern England: Second Generation Sikh Women and Constructions of Identity (1994)


VI. Translated Works

Homonationalisme et biopolitique (2013)

»Ich wäre lieber eine Cyborg als eine Göttin.« Intersektionalität, Assemblage und Affektpolitik (2011)

‘South Park’ i pakistański pasyw w skórze (2011)

I kølvandet på It Gets Better (2011)

Gejowska wojna propagandowa Izraela (2010)

Queere Zeiten, Terroristische Assemblagen (2009)

Transnationale sexualitäten.  Südasiatische (Trans)Nation(alism)en und queere Diasporas (2005)

Krugovi homosekualne pokretljivosti-turizam, putovanja i globalizacija (2001)


VII. Edited Collections

“Viral,” co-edited with Patricia Clough, Women’s Studies Quarterly (2012)

“Interspecies,” co-edited with Julie Livingston, Social Text (2011)

“Sexuality and Space,” co-edited with Louisa Schein and Dereka Rushbrook,Environment and Planning D: Society and Space (2003)

“Queer Tourism: Geographies of Globalization” guest editor, double issue, GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies (2002)


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