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Listed below are select articles available to read in PDF format. For a complete list of publications, please visit the cv.

I. Affective Politics

Bodies with New Organs: Becoming Trans, Becoming Disabled (2015)

Inhumanist Occupation: Palestine and the ‘Right to Maim’ (2015)

Homonationalism as Assemblage: Viral Travels, Affective Sexualities (2013)

Precarity Talk: A Virtual Roundtable with Judith Butler, Lauren Berlant, Bojana Cvejić, Isabell Lorey, Jasbir Puar, and Ana Vujanović (2012)

Viral (2012)

I Would Rather Be A Cyborg Than a Goddess’: Becoming-Intersectional of Assemblage Theory (2012)

The Cost of Getting Better: Suicide, Sensation, Switchpoints (2011)

Interspecies: An Introduction (2011)

Ecologies of Sex, Sensation, and Slow Death (2010)

In the Wake of It Gets Better (2010)

Affect (2009)

Prognosis Time: Towards a Geopolitics of Affect, Debility, and Capacity (2009)


II. Homonationalism and Israel/Palestine

Substantive Erasures: Essays on Academic Boycott and the American Studies Association (2013)

Rethinking Homonationalism (2013)

Pinkwatching and Pinkwashing: Interpenetration and its Discontents (2012)

The Golden Handcuffs of Gay Rights: How Pinkwashing Distorts both LGBTIQ and Anti-Occupation Organizing (2012)

Citation and Censorship: The Politics of Talking about the Sexual Politics of Israel (2011)

’The Center Cannot Hold’: The Flourishing of Queer Anti-Occupation Activism (2011)

Israel’s Gay Propaganda War (2010)

To be gay and racist is no anomaly (2010)


III. Terrorist Assemblages

Jasbir Puar: Regimes of Surveillance” (2014)

Reading Religion Back Into Terrorist Assemblages (2014)

Celebrating Refusal: The Complexities of Saying No (2010)

‘The Turban is Not A Hat’: Queer Diaspora and Practices of Profiling (2008)

Mapping U.S. Homonormativities (2006)

Queer Times, Queer Assemblages (2005)

On Torture: Abu Ghraib (2005)

The Remaking of a Model Minority: Perverse Projectiles under the Spectre of (Counter)Terrorism (2004)

Abu Ghraib: Arguing Against Exceptionalism (2004)

Monster, Terrorist, Fag: The War on Terrorism and the Production of Docile Patriots (2002)


IV. Queer Geography and Tourism

X-Apartments Beirut: Moving Through the Colonial Architecture of Culture Tourism (2013)

Transversal Circuits: Transnational Sexualities and Trinidad (2004)

Sexuality and Space: Queering Geographies of Globalization (2003)

Circuits of Queer Mobility: Tourism, Travel, and Globalization (2002)

A Transnational Feminist Critique of Queer Tourism (2002)

Feminist Problematization of Rights Language and Universal Conceptualizations of Human Rights (2002)

Introduction: Queer Tourism: Geographies of Globalization (2002)

Transnational Configurations of Desire: The Nation and its White Closets (2001)


V. South Asian Cultural Studies

Chutney to Queer and Back: Trinidad 1995-1998 (2009)

Global Circuits: Transnational Sexualities and Trinidad (2001)

Transnational Sexualities: South Asian Trans/Nationalisms and Queer Diasporas (1998)

Writing My Way ‘Home’: Traveling South Asian Bodies and Diasporic Journeys (1994)

Resituating Discourses of ‘Whiteness’ and ‘Asianness’ in Northern England: Second Generation Sikh Women and Constructions of Identity (1994)


VI. Translated Works

Homonacionalismo como mosaico: viagens virais, sexualidades afetivas (2015)

イスラエルのゲイ・プロパガンダ戦争” (2014)

“Prefiro Ser Um Ciborgue A Ser Uma Deusa”: Interseccionalidade, Agenciamento E Politica Afetiva (2014)

Homonationalisme et biopolitique (2013)

»Ich wäre lieber eine Cyborg als eine Göttin.« Intersektionalität, Assemblage und Affektpolitik (2011)

‘South Park’ i pakistański pasyw w skórze (2011)

I kølvandet på It Gets Better (2011)

Gejowska wojna propagandowa Izraela (2010)

Queere Zeiten, Terroristische Assemblagen (2009)

Transnationale sexualitäten.  Südasiatische (Trans)Nation(alism)en und queere Diasporas (2005)

Krugovi homosekualne pokretljivosti-turizam, putovanja i globalizacija (2001)


VII. Edited Collections

“Viral,” co-edited with Patricia Clough, Women’s Studies Quarterly (2012)

“Interspecies,” co-edited with Julie Livingston, Social Text (2011)

“Sexuality and Space,” co-edited with Louisa Schein and Dereka Rushbrook,Environment and Planning D: Society and Space (2003)

“Queer Tourism: Geographies of Globalization” guest editor, double issue, GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies (2002)


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